Chemical Data Service

Our renowned chemical repository contains detailed information on thousands of chemicals. However, your business may want to focus on one area and build this into your working practice and systems. Croner is already a partner with many businesses that want to use specific key data for their business.

How can Croner help?

If your company requires a bespoke chemical data solution, we can help. We are able to mix and match any parts of our rich compendium of chemical content if required and integrate our data resources with yours. Customised data sets can be delivered in a variety of formats (Excel, Access, .CSV, etc.) building on our expertise in the provision chemical hazards and compliance information.

If your business has a specific requirement we can help. Specifically defined datasets can be extracted and delivered in a suitable format and licensed for use with your system.

What kind of information is available?

Example 1:
Company A produces pain-killing drugs and requires just a listing of acute toxicity results from RTECS for the oral-rat and dermal-rat route species combinations.

Example 2:
Company B is a mining company and requires those chemicals in Annex VI, Table 3.1 of the CLP regulation, as amended, which are hazardous for the ozone layer and to the aquatic environment.

Example 3:
Company C is a manufacturer exporting industrial detergents and requires a list of labelling names in multiple European languages.