Beverley Gissing - Company Director

“The production of our Health & Safety handbooks and policies was seamless”


Data-Lec Ltd are renowned industry leaders in their field of ICT cabling and blown fibre.

The company was initially formed as a partnership 28 years ago, with a vision of providing bespoke ICT solutions to a spectrum of clients. Fast forward to present and they have certainly accomplished the latter; their client base including some of the largest manufacturers in the UK.In early 2000, 11 years after their partnership formation, Data-Lec incorporated as a Limited Company.

The UK-based company supply, install, and commission Air Blown Fibre solutions, fibre optic cabling and structured copper cabling infrastructures to businesses and industries throughout London and the Home Counties.

With two company directors, two managers, and seven members of staff contributing to the day to day running of the business, managing their workforce was one of the many priorities for Data-Lec, alongside ensuring compliance.


Managing people and safety correctly should be a ‘must’ for all companies, so when their existing provider began to disappoint, Data-Lec turned to Croner for support.

“Croner was recommended to me when we were unhappy with the services we were receiving from our then existing provider,” Beverley Gissing, one of the two Company Directors, recalls.

“Our Employment Law and Health & Safety business activities have been supported by Croner since 2014, and I am happy with the services to date.”


Health and Safety legislation for businesses can often be a complex and confusing area to understand and comply with, but as Data-Lec had partnered with Croner, they were able to turn to us when they needed clarification.

“The Health & Safety inspection carried out at our premises was extremely helpful in clarifying several areas of Health & Safety compliance which we were confused about,” Beverley says.

“The consultant who we dealt with was very knowledgeable and helpful, and he was able to answer several queries we had regarding Health & Safety, both on site and at our offices and workshop.”Croner were also able to help Data-Lec with creating their handbooks and policies to ensure that the company continued to comply with guidelines and best practices.

Beverley says, “The production of our Health & Safety handbooks and policies was seamless, and they more than meet the requirements of our accreditation companies and clients alike.”Alongside Health & Safety support, Data-Lec also have access to Croner’s Employment Advisory Service.

Over the past few years, Data-Lec has been able to utilise Croner’s Employment Advisory Service whenever they need clarification regarding processes to follow, for example with disciplinary procedures, for their staff.


“We have used the advisory service several times,” Beverley says. “All information passed to us was concise and helpful for the management of our employees and dealing with difficult situations.”

All of Croner’s Employment Advisors are fully qualified and well-experienced professionals who are able to help clients deal with any HR issue they may have with pragmatic and practical advice.

Illustrating this, Beverley advises that she is always able to speak with an appropriate member when she calls for advice, which “helps greatly when dealing with employment issues.”

To find out more about Data-Lec’s services, please visit or call 01932 560412.

To speak with a member of the Croner team to see how Croner can help your organisation, please call 0800 032 4088.