Lady Heyes Holiday Park

Rapidly growing businesses are the most at-risk organisations in terms of employment law & HR issues. It was experiencing these teething issues that made Clare Sherlock seek Croner's support.


Lady Heyes Holiday Park is a glamping, camping, and caravanning park based in Frodsham, Cheshire. Clare Sherlock, Personal Assistant to the Managing Director, tells us a little about the park and its history:

“The park has been active for about 20 years,” she explains, “but in the last four years we’ve gone from three staff to 22, so it’s expanded quite rapidly. We provide caravanning, camping and glamping. Initially however, it was a retail business—the retail element was centred on antiques and crafts, but now it’s developed into quite a mixture of unique small businesses.”


“We were looking for some extra support—as the business was growing quite rapidly we took on more staff and so we just felt it was needed. Once we’d recruited a large number of new employees, we turned to Croner for that support.

“There were a couple of teething issues which prompted me to seek out Croner’s help. Initially I was handling them on my own, just using advice from the Acas website and online sources, before I came across Croner.

“We had a meeting with a Croner representative, and we liked the sound of everything he offered, so we went ahead and signed up.

“It’s just myself who manages HR in the business, so it’s great to have that support and backup. In terms of systems for storing employment documentation—it was all manual—there were lots of physical copies of documents prior to signing up with Croner.”

How We've Helped

“We signed up at the end of last year, and in January Croner helped us get our new handbooks in place. That’s all completed now and we’re really happy with them.

“Everything the Croner service provides has been beneficial to the business. The documentation is great because it’s all there and ready for you to use when you need it.

“The fact that I can send an email to double-check I’m following best practice and receive a quick response is fantastic. Just knowing that Croner is at the other end of the phone, should I need that support, is reassuring.

“And, the online management system saves time because everything is in one place; I don’t have to worrying about digging out old manual copies.

“Overall it’s definitely had a noticeable impact on the business and how I perform my role—I’d definitely recommend the service to others in the tourism business.

“In fact, one of our on-site clubhouses was taken over by another company and we referred them to Croner for health & safety and HR support. They’ve signed up now and have mentioned how helpful it’s been to them. Croner just provides the confidence that you’re doing the right thing.”

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