Croner-i REACH and CLP Inventory

Croner-i REACH & CLP Inventory is an online service providing a comprehensive searchable substances database to assist in compliance with the REACH, CLP and other important EU regulations.

A subscription includes:

  • A fully integrated and cross-linked inventory based on the ECHA lists of registered and pre-registered substances which includes the EINECS, ELINCS and NLP lists and chemical nomenclature in up to 10 EU languages
  • A multi-lingual version of the official list of hazardous substances for which harmonised classification and labelling information has been agreed at Community level
  • Other important EU inventories covering cosmetics, plant protection products, biocides and wastes.

This will assist you in REACH compliance activities and support your work for REACH and CLP. For example, information for safety data sheet compilation, chemical safety reports, exposure scenarios, as well as packaging and labelling guidelines.

Other benefits are:

  • Classification information in all EU languages
  • Flags for SVHCs and for those substances – explicitly cited in the REACH regulation – that need not be registered under REACH
  • EU exposure limit values and links to official risk assessment information
  • User Friendly, easy search interface
  • “My Substances” feature which allows you to create bookmarks for frequently referred-to chemicals. You can be confident you have all the information you need 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.