Expert Pay and Grading Advice

Sustainable, flexible and market based

Are there any weaknesses with your pay?

  • Identify and rectify any weaknesses with your organisation’s pay
  • Develop a robust organisational pay structure

For more than 40 years, we have taken pride in conducting high level discussions with business leaders to ensure their pay decisions are achievable, sustainable and market driven.

Our consulting team can aid your organisation in conducting a pay and grading review – with service delivery options that are tailored and flexible to accommodate any budget and in-house resource.

Our processes are underpinned by our simple and effective analytical job evaluation methodology, which allows us to identify and rectify any weaknesses with your organisational structure.

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pay decisions up to date

Can I ensure pay decisions are up-to-date?

Whether you are an established organisation, undergoing a restructure or enjoying growth, it is important to produce the right results every time when it comes to pay and grading decisions.

Through our comprehensive salary database, we can provide up-to-date, reliable pay data – either on an ad-hoc basis or to support a wider organisational review.

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