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The Business HealthCheck is a great way to find out how your organisation measures up to current Employment and Health & Safety law, and what’s more, we’re offering it to you for free. To get access to the Online Business HealthCheck please complete our enquiry form.

How healthy is your business?

This simple to use online tool allows you to see how your organisation matches up to current employment and health & safety law, showing where you’re meeting current requirements and where you need to take action in a bespoke downloadable report.

The HealthCheck process involves answering a series of guided questions, which you are required to answer via an online portal. Once all of the questions are completed a personalised report is generated which shows where your business is compliant, and more importantly, where it isn’t with the latest workplace law.

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Reporting made easy

The report includes advice and information on staying compliant and reducing your exposure to risk in these important areas of legislation. A traffic light system shows you quickly and easily what you’re doing well and where improvements can be made.

  • High priority – you need to take immediate steps
  • Medium priority – it is essential you take the time to reduce risk
  • Low priority – no major actions, however room for improvement?


Win a FREE SafeCheck!

As an extra bonus every organisation that completes the Online Business HealthCheck questionnaire will be in with the chance to win a FREE SafeCheck, which usually costs £295!

A SafeCheck review provides you with the peace of mind that you are compliant when it comes to keeping your employees safe in the workplace. The service includes two visits: one to carry out a compliance review and the second to go through a summary of findings and present you with your evaluation report and action plan.