How will Croner Professional help you?

With Croner Professional you will have a complete audit trail with every case and issue within your organisation, no more surprises or fire-fighting.

• Croner Professional provides transparency, so that you can be confident when devolving HR tasks to line managers

• You will be able to see, at-a-glance, important details of each case and use version control to record the sequence of events

• Receive expert guidance and support from Croner in the management of employment relations

• You will receive management intelligence reports that will give you insights to support better decision making and strategy development.

Croner Professional provides:

• 24/7 telephone advice service staffed by industry professionals

• Life-time tracking of employment-related issues

• Full visibility of advice given, recommended next steps and documents associated with each issue

• Call and issue management reporting – including suspensions and issue outcome monitoring

• Croner-i Human Resources information resource

• Croner document library – access to over 250 template letters, precedents, forms and workflows

• Client document hosting

• Training library

Croner Professional can help you to support your HR or line managers through our expert HR advice service. By cascading responsibility to line managers, you can be confident that you have complete transparency and visibility of all issues, yet retain overall control. This will free up your time to develop strategy and solutions to meet your organisation’s needs now and in the future.