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Less Than £60 a month

For more information call 08000 324088 It's time consuming to keep up to date in a whirlwind of legal and regulatory change, but without that expertise you can put your cash, your reputation, even your business at risk. Get it right first time, because getting it wrong can be an expensive mistake. Fortunately, you don't need to know everything yourself - trust the experts at Croner to support your compliance so you can get on with growing a successful business.


Online small business knowledge base, updated every day, covering HR, Health & Safety , Tax, VAT and commercial legal matters. It's your comprehensive overview of UK legislation, regulation and best practice.


Professional telephone advice tailored to your individual business giving you the power to deal with employment law, HR, Health & Safety, Tax, VAT and commercial legal issues confidently and quickly before they impact on business. There’s no need to watch the clock either. Unlike some, we don’t limit call times. You can take as long as you need to explain the situation, and Croner’s experts will take as they need to give you the right advice. Our tailored approach means many issues can be solved in a single call.


Legal expenses insurance covering the cost of defending an employment tribunal and any compensation award if you lose the case. £700 paid annually, equating to £58.33 a month for up to 10 employees at one site. £250 supplement for each additional site of up to 10 employees.  

FREE! Business Compliance Health Check

Got it all covered already? Check your business's compliance performance now with our free online tool. Just answer questions about how you handle HR and Health & Safety with 'yes', 'no' or 'don't know' and receive full feedback report with a traffic light system to highlight the biggest risks to your business so you can focus your actions where they're needed most. Your answers are confidential - we don't share them with anyone, ever -  so you can be completely honest. If you need help bringing your compliance performance up to the mark you can trust Croner to provide training and consultancy, just ask us for a quote.

Did you know...?

The average case of unfair dismissal takes 33 hours of specialist advice which would cost a staggering £6,600 in solicitor's fees.

Document - Coming soon!

Build your own legally compliant documents quickly and simply. Content is continually updated to reflect legal changes with central document store, version control and legal library for just £29.99 a month. Register now to receive details as soon as the Document Builder is available. For more information call 08000 324088. “The advice and support we have received over the years from Croner has been truly fantastic.  All their advisors have been very knowledgeable, friendly yet professional.  We have benefited hugely from the support they have given us.” Sam Matthews, Charities Evaluation Services