Last Minute Holiday Requests

  When the sun comes out and suddenly everyone wants to take time off.  Do your staff know what's expected of them when they ask for leave, and are you confident about when you can say "no"? There are 5 basic principles which will help you to act confidently and correctly when employees ask for leave or take time off.

  • Be sure you have a compliant, up to date staff handbook, employment contract and comprehensive policies, so you can rely on them to protect your business, and your employees understand exactly what's expected of them if they are sick or ask to take leave, particularly with short notice.
  • Keep your documents up to date so they stay compliant when the law changes.  Use ongoing expert HR advice to support you and your managers.
  • Follow your own processes consistently and reinforce them to staff regularly rather than expect them to have read and understood their contracts - for example, accept holiday requests only made in writing, be clear of the timescales you and your employees need to follow when requesting leave.
  • Get expert HR advice on specific issues first, rather than guess and make a mistake.
  • Train your managers to implement policies fairly and consistently so they become part of 'the way we work'.

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