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07 Jan 2019


Developing talent within your business can be a challenge. Fortunately, a cost-effective option is available to you, and will not only coach and develop your employees into leadership material, but empower and engage them.

If you want to take full advantage of a tailored programme of professional development, and unparalleled opportunities for both your employees and your business, just Step on Board!

How does ‘Step on Board’ help my company?

The Step on Board programme is tailored to you, making it easy to fit into your training schedule.

Want to know how your business will benefit?

Step on Board will help:

  • Develop your employees’ skills
  • Increase staff satisfaction and engagement
  • Enhance brand recognition and reputation

How does ‘Step on Board’ help my employees?

Aside from increasing engagement with your staff, increasing work satisfaction and professional development, the Step on Board programme has a number of benefits for your employees, including the opportunity to:

  • Share experience and expertise
  • Broaden interests and board aspirations
  • Acquire and develop leadership skills, such as negotiation and strategic development

What is the ‘Step on Board’ programme?

Step on Board is a full-service board placement programme, supporting employees to volunteer as non-exec directors and trustees of charities and voluntary organisations. The programme consists of four stages, all of which can be tailored to fit in with your learning and development schedule. The first stage is:

1. Introductory Workshop 

This workshop provides expert training, advice and support for employees looking to become trustees

The will find out:

  • How charities operate
  • The requirements for being a successful trustee
  • How to find the right trustee position for them

Employees already in a leadership position will receive training on being a leader and how to make the most of their position.

2. Finding the Right Role

This is split into two sections:

Diagnostic Session – Working with the employee, this session will be conducted through face-to-face meetings and will determine the employee’s interests, strengths and experience, and will advise them on how to secure the role best suited to them.

Matching service – Over a six-month period, Step on Board takes the results of the diagnostic session and aims to match the right individual to the right trustee role, with guidance and support provided throughout.

Which firms have participated in Step on Board?

Companies including Barclays, BlackRock, British Land, Credit Suisse, EY, Google and law firm Mishcon de Reya have all used Step on Board to place employees on charity boards.

The 200th trustee placed through the programme, Hina Patel, is a strategic project manager from investment firm BlackRock who joined the board of children’s charity, Starlight.  Hina was introduced to Step on Board through a Women’s Network Initiative at BlackRock, focused on getting more women onto boards and who suggested it would be great way of her gaining board level experience.

Hina said,

“I wanted to join a charity board to broaden my skills and experience and interact with people from different backgrounds. I work in strategic projects at BlackRock with a variety of different functional teams. I thought my experience would be useful to a charity, particularly as many organisations want to become more business-like and accountable. I was keen to do something different and make a positive contribution to society.”

Since starting in June Hina is already making a positive contribution. She is confident she will acquire new skills that can be used positively in her role at BlackRock and would recommend trusteeship to others.

Step on Board today!

For more information about Step on Board, please visit the website, here.

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