Croner Simplify & Croner Professional Updates


03 May 2017


Our software development team work tirelessly to improve our software provisions and ensure that the systems include the most updated and pioneering functionalities in the market today. The Croner development team have recently completed a number of projects, which means that Croner Simplify and Croner Professional now benefit from further improvements and features. Here is what clients can now benefit from with the new releases:

Croner Simplify

Birthday Tasks

The birthday task functionality has now been improved to give greater notice of employees’ upcoming birthdays – this should give our customers plenty of time to get birthday surprises and gifts planned.

Copy me in

Automated tasks and alerts ensure clients don’t miss a thing. Administrator users of the system can choose to be copied into the email reminders generated, ensuring important actions and deadlines are met.

Croner Professional

Croner Library

Croner Library has a new underlying document repository (SharePoint), ensuring new and edited documents will be available on Croner Professional in real time for our clients. For any questions or enquiries, please don't hesitate to contact us. 

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