Introducing our Client Webinar Schedule


09 Jan 2017


We are now able to offer a range of informative and insightful webinars for our clients.

The webinars will be geared around workplace issues and how to deal with them, which mean they are ideal for employers. Our team of experts will be hosting the webinars over the course of the next few weeks, which will be entirely free for clients. To register your interest for any of the webinars below or to be added onto the mailing list please e-mail, alternatively speak to a member of the Account Management Team on 0844 728 0121.

Listed as below:

  • 09.30am Tuesday 10 January: Fit to Work
  • 14.00pm Thursday 12 January: Fit to Work
  • 11.00am Tuesday 17 January: Manual Handling
  • 15.00pm Wednesday 18 January: Manual Handling
  • 14.30pm Wednesday 25 January: Grievances
  • 11.00am Friday 27 January: Grievances
  • 09.00am Tuesday 31 January: Data Protection
  • 15.00pm Wednesday 1 February: Data Protection

Free to Download Employer Resources

  • How to make reasonable adjustments for mental health in the workplace


    How to make reasonable adjustments fo...

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  • Sample Health & Safety Communication and Consultation Policy


    Sample Health & Safety Communication ...

    Download Croner's sample health & safety communication and consultation policy, here.

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  • Adverse Weather Policy


    Adverse Weather Policy

    Here we’ve included a free sample adverse weather policy that UK business owners can refer to...

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  • World Religion Day: Your Employees' Rights at Work


    World Religion Day: Your Employees' R...

    Each year, thousands of businesses call Croner for advice on sensitive issues in...

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  • Conducting an Equal Pay Audit


    Conducting an Equal Pay Audit

    The equal pay act sets provisions for organisations to follow the same pay syste...

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  • Health & Safety Changes to Look Out For in 2019


    Health & Safety Changes to Look Out F...

    The news at the start of this year has been dominated by Brexit and its potentia...

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  • Solicitors Benevolent Association


    Solicitors Benevolent Association

    “The reason for using Croner was the high-profile track record and the credibili

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  • John Taylor Hospice


    John Taylor Hospice

    “A large number of the queries are around employment law and rights in areas suc

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  • Motorsport Industry Association


    Motorsport Industry Association

    “I’m so happy with the service Croner provide, I’d be hard pressed to find a fau

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