Latest Client Webinar and E-Learning Schedule


31 Jan 2017


These webinars will be geared around workplace issues and how to deal with them, which mean they are ideal for employers.

Our team of experts will be hosting the webinar and e-learning sessions over the course of the next few weeks, which will be entirely free for clients. To register your interest for any of the webinars below or to be added onto the mailing list please e-mail, alternatively speak to a member of the Account Management Team on 0844 728 0121.  

Protecting your Data

What?  The Data Protection Act sets out a number of rules around the recording and use of personal information. In this informative session we will look at your obligations under the Act, plus we’ll cover the areas our legal experts get the most questions on: Subject Access Requests and Third Party Disclosure. When?
  • 09.00am Tuesday 31 January
  • 15.00pm Wednesday 1 February

Contracts: Your Biggest Ally

What? A contract of employment defines the rights and responsibilities between an employee and employer and therefore it is essential that it is robust. In this webinar our employment experts will define what is meant by a contract of employment, the legalities, understanding contractual terms and how a contract can be ended lawfully. When?
  • 11.00am Monday 6 February
  • 15.00pm Wednesday 8 February

Safety for Leaders

What? As a leader, why is it important to manage the safety of your people? We will discuss the law around safety, benefits of good health & safety, leadership principles, your responsibilities, why culture should play a big part and how you should be thinking differently about health & safety. When?
  • 14.30pm Monday 13 February
  • 11.00am Friday 17 February

Managing Absenteeism

What? Absenteeism can have a significant impact on the workforce, in fact it is one of the top issues to our Employment Advisory Service. In this session we look at the meaning and definition of absenteeism, the employee’s right to time off and how you can reduce absenteeism by implementing good management practices. When?
  • 09.00am Tuesday 21 February
  • 15.00pm Wednesday 22 February

Employment in the Care Sector

What? A practical session for employers in the Care Sector, looking at the Disclosure and Barring Service, how you can distinguish between services registered with regulatory bodies and those non-regulated, identify the differences in the recruitment process within the industry and how staff must be supported, plus understanding how a disciplinary and investigation differs within the care industry, including making statutory notifications. When?
  • 13.00pm Monday 27 February
  • 10.00am Thursday 2 March

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