A Quick Recipe for Success in the Workplace


26 Apr 2018


All work environments contain a happy mix of many different personality types. Some employees are driven and ambitious, with a sprinkle of natural born leaders, while others are happy to coast along doing what is needed but not much more.

These employees tend to need plenty of gentle persuasion or repeat reassurance in order to give their best. However you view it, every department in every organisation is its own bubbling pot of characters. The key to ensuring you have a recipe for success is making sure you make the most of what you have and that it’s mixed in the right way. First you start with some basic ingredients and then it’s all down to how it’s mixed together. Knowing when to turn down the the heat to avoid anyone or anything getting burnt, is also essential to your recipe.

4 Essential Ingredients to a Productive Workforce

  1. Take Time to Listen to Your Employees: 75% of employees surveyed have identified that they would stay longer with an organisation where they felt they were actively listened to and any concerns they raised were addressed.
  2. Identify Your Organisation’s Core Values & Mission Statement: 80% of employees expressed greater levels of employee engagement when their work was consistent with core values and the organisation’s mission.
  3. Ensure Leaders/Mangers Treat all Employees Ethically, Fairly and Consistently: Management styles that drive success are typically from individuals who are transparent and honest. Be prepared to share information and clearly define goals and expectations.
  4. Lead by Example: Employees and managers alike should strive to be seen as someone who is dependable and reliable. In cases of leadership - lead by example rather than adopt a do as I say attitude.
If you gently mix together these philosophies with your eclectic mix of employee personalities and apply leadership, which best suits those personalities, you should be able to allow everything to simmer gently in a work environment. This serves to boosts your employees’ productivity and allows for engagement at all levels.

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