Tribunal Claims Rocket by a Further 118%


27 Jun 2018


The number of employment tribunal claims have rocketed by a further 118% after a 90% rise in the previous 3 months. In July 2017, employment tribunal fees were scrapped, as they were deemed a ‘barrier to justice’. Nearly a year later, the amount of claims being made have sky-rocketed.

The figures, released by the Ministry of Justice show the figures for January to March 2018, with the previous rise reflecting October to December 2017. The rise in these number of cases show that there are no signs of the amount of claims being made slowing down. There is a sustained increase which is undoubtedly being encouraged by the large number of highly-publicised cases ruling in favour of the employee- Most recently the Pimlico Plumbers ruling. Perhaps most significant is the sharp increase of claims related to mass redundancies. The first few months of 2018 saw a dramatic rise in the amount of redundancies being made, particularly in the retail sector. Redundancies are a sensitive and emotive issue at the best of times, but with no tribunal fees, employees are free to take their grievances with how redundancies are handled to tribunal. As the risk of facing a claim increases it’s more important than ever for employers to assess whether they are following lawful practices and complying with HR best practice.

The Latest Tribunal Stats – A Breakdown

Single claims:
  • Received between January and March compared to the same quarter in 2017/18 increased by 118%
  • There has also been a 16% quarter-on-quarter increase in single claims – in Q3 2017/18, 7,957 claims were received whereas 9,252 claims were received in Q4 2017/18
  • Cases are increasing – The total number of claims made in the 2017/2018 financial year was 109,706, which is the first time the figure has topped 100,000 since 2013
  • An average of 421 claims were made per working day in this period.
  • On average, 66 of those claims made per day were unfair dismissal claims.

What this Means for Employers

These statistics show that the number of claims are continuing to rise sharply even a year after the removal of the fees last July. This proves that the rocketing of claims was not a blip following the tribunal fees being scrapped, but a continuing trend. The increase in claims related to unfair dismissal and redundancy show there is an increased focus on treating employees correctly, and following procedure carefully during a redundancy process. Plus, with the ever-present focus on employment rights in the Gig Economy in 2018, more than ever workers are aware of their rights or lack thereof. As claims continue to increase, employers need to assess whether they are following lawful practices and providing staff with the correct employment rights Don’t think that because an employee is now an ex-employee, that their chances of making a claim are gone. As employees become more aware of their rights, and the potential for challenging unfair treatment, the more likely they are to raise a claim, even if the issue was in the past. Be vigilant, be thorough, and be conscientious.

Tribunal Concerns? We’re Here To Help

With no fees to pay, there’s nothing to stop employees making a claim. So it’s more important than ever to get your HR and employment law right. Our expert support can help protect you from paying £5,000 in solicitor’s fees, which is the average cost per claim. Croner’s experts are here to support businesses with implementing policies and procedures to protect against tribunals, as well as offer expert advice if you have an ongoing grievance or situation where a case is proceeding to tribunal. For more information on Croner’s HR or employment tribunal support please click here or call 0808 145 3375.

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