Care Sector

Care Sector Rewards assists HR Managers with in-depth research specifically dedicated to this sector, covering roles unique to UK care homes.

Care Sector Rewards features both private and charity-owned homes and covers a range of care roles and types including: Head Office and Service Staff, Care Home Staff, Domiciliary Care Staff, Supported Living, Daycare/Respite Care and Secure Mental Health Unit Staff. Furthermore, by splitting the UK into four distinct geographic regions, you can isolate the most relevant data to your business and take into account local economies and trends.

Care Sector Rewards is simple to use regardless of experience and knowledge of HR practices. The survey independently analyses a wide range of roles found within UK care homes including:

  • Management
  • Clinical roles including nursing and specialist staff
  • Catering
  • Care and support
  • Maintenance (skilled/unskilled)

In addition, benefits are also analysed to include allowances for basic pay, call out and stand-by pay as well as other bonus payments.

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