Getting Back to Work After Lockdown: E-Guide


05 May 2020

The lockdown is set to wind down soon. The government will legally review the lockdown measures on May 7th. That means this is a good time to look to the future. When some of the restrictions reduce, more businesses will start opening their doors again.

Here at Croner, we’ve come up with six simple steps to help you prepare, plan and implement any changes you may need to make in order to adhere to social distancing measures and other advice from the government. For a brief summary, see below. For a detailed guide, download our FREE Guide at the bottom of the page

1. Building preparation

Evaluate which measures need to be put in place in your premises to ensure the safeguarding of employees, contractors and visitors. Carry out a risk assessment to ensure you involve and consult your employees throughout this process.

2. Communicating with employees

The next step a business should take is to prepare the workforce for returning to work. Create a plan to decide who will return to work and when.

3. Implementing social distancing

Social distancing means reducing day-to-day contact with other people as much as possible. You should continue to encourage and enable their employees to work at home wherever possible.

4. Limit access and control

Until further advice from the government is released, limit visitors and contractors to your sites/buildings.

5. Ensure high levels of hygiene

Maintaining high levels of hygiene at your business premises by your staff will minimise the spread of COVID-19. This could include a deep clean of the premises prior to opening. How often you need to undertake deep cleans will depend on the nature of the business. You should communicate your hygiene measures to employees, usually in the form of a tool box talk.

6. Staff hygiene

It is also important that staff keep high levels of personal hygiene to minimise the risk of COVID-19 spreading. This includes respiratory hygiene and hand hygiene.

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