Expert Opinion: Are Workers Rights Set to Change Anytime Soon?


09 Feb 2018


The announcement by the Government that it will be adopting much of the Taylor Review into workers rights, seems like a big change.

But how quickly will the legislation come in and do businesses need to take action immediately? On the surface businesses operating in the so called gig economy have a lot to think about, with the Government indicating that all employers must pay their workers sick and holiday pay. To enforce the new rules Government proposes raising tribunal fines to £20,000 and a ‘naming and shaming’ scheme maybe introduced. However, all of this is subject to consultation or will require further legislation, which means this announcement will not lead to significant change in the immediate future. It remains important for organisations to be clear on the status every person they engage with, be they employee, worker, or truly self-employed. This has long been the case, although the recent focus on the gig economy has brought the issue to the fore. It is common for those an organisation might regard as self-employed to slip into ‘worker’ or even ‘employee’ status, each of which brings with it associated rights. Businesses therefore need to take care when determining the status of their staff and when drafting staff documentation – to ensure documents reflect the reality of the situation.

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With more and more firms adopting working practices affected by the Taylor Review it’s essential for employers to ascertain the employment status of your workforce and ensure that they are receiving the correct entitlements. For guidance, or advice don’t hesitate to call HR and employment law experts Croner on 0808 145 3490. Download a free employment status factsheet here

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