Croner One of the First to be Granted SRA ‘Waiver’

By Andrew Willis
10 May 2018

The Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA) has granted a waiver to Croner which will allow us to offer a wider range of legal services through our team of solicitors. The move comes after the regulator indicated it was providing an increased ‘safe space’ for legal providers that want to offer legal services in different ways.

What this means for Croner is an ability to offer services through our own solicitors who could only previously have provided such services through a law firm or alternative business structure. In particular the move will enable Croner to provide written advice and employment tribunal litigation support through employed solicitors, as well as the telephone advice and support already available.

We are delighted that Croner is one of the first UK consultancies to be granted a waiver by the SRA. Croner has long provided an industry-leading service to its clients in the areas of HR, Health & Safety and Reward, and this decision means that we will now be able to deliver the service in a new and innovative way through our team of solicitors and the SRA’s Innovation Space.

The SRA is planning to publish all waivers to ensure the process is fair and transparent and will make available an annual innovation report to ensure decisions are made consistently. To be granted the waiver Croner had to demonstrate that its plan was compatible with regulatory objectives to protect and promote the public interest, as well as improve access to justice. If you are an existing Croner client and would like more information about what the SRA waivers mean for the service provided by our solicitors please click here.

Expert Advice

Croner’s experts are here to support businesses with implementing policies and procedures, protect them against tribunals, as well as offer expert advice if you have an ongoing grievance or situation. For more information on Croner’s legal services, please click here or call 0808 145 3376.

About the Author

Andrew Willis

Andrew Willis is the senior manager of the Litigation and Employment Department and assumes additional responsibility for managing Croner’s office based telephone HR advisory teams, who specialise in employment law, HR and commercial legal advice for small & large organisations across the United Kingdom.





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