Croner Simplify Release

By Amanda Beattie
11 Jul 2017

We would like to take the opportunity to update you about the exciting new enhancements we have made to Croner Simplify in our latest release. We have a created a brand new look for our task page, made improvements to the attendance calendar, and more.


Tasks in Day to Day have undergone a transformation with a newly designed page in line with our login page. We are working hard to change Simplify and will be sharing our updates with you as soon as they are ready. In addition to the changes to the look and feel of the platform, we have reviewed tasks and reminders in conjunction with client feedback to iron out issues in this area and ensure they are working at their optimum. We have amended the rules behind the red, amber and green status buttons so that they turn the appropriate colour at a more applicable time.


We added our top 5 client webinars to the training page for you to access with topics including discrimination, redundancy and disciplinary.

Attendance Calendar Changes - Non-Working Days and Bank Holidays

We have made changes so that when booking a period of absence or holiday over an employee's non-working days, they remain the same colour on the calendar and don't change to the holiday or absence colour.

This allows easier identification of what is actual holiday or absence, and a period where the employee was not scheduled to work. Following customer feedback, we have also changed the colour of Bank Holidays from pink to clear. If a bank holiday is auto booked for an employee, it will be changed to the confirmed holiday colour (i.e. blue) with BH overlaying it.

If the employee does not have auto booked holidays, the calendar will retain the colour associated with the working pattern for the employee with BH overlaying it (i.e. white), unless the employee books it as a holiday or a period of absence spans it, upon which time it will turn blue. We will also be working on updating the look and feel of the Company Attendance calendar, so watch this space. If you have any questions about this update, or using Croner Simplify, please call our Technical Support Team on 0845 604 8354.  

About the Author

Amanda Beattie

Amanda represents corporate clients and large public bodies, including complex discrimination and whistleblowing claims. Amanda also drafts and delivers bespoke training regarding all aspects of employment law, including ‘mock tribunal’ events; in addition she also frequently drafts employment law articles for various publications for Croner and their clients.

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