The Five Best Things about Croner Simplify


09 Feb 2017


The main reason Croner Simplify was created lies in its name - it is designed to simplify the way that employees are managed. The pioneering software protects businesses to make sure that the right things are being done in the right way, at the right time. Here are the five main ways Croner Simplify can help businesses, and what our clients say about how the service helps them:

Documents are updated for you

The software is proactive: consultants will review documents on an annual basis to make sure they are up to date legally. All of the documents are easily accessible on the system, comprising template letters and forms, guides, detailed legislation information, and more. In addition, employers will be informed about any new laws which are relevant to their business through our expert consultants, meaning you don’t have to search the internet for answers., The wonderful minds behind Simplify have been supporting businesses for over 20 years with industry and business specific documentation, allowing confidence that any document on the software’s platform is compliant, up to date, and correct. A comment left on the Croner Feefo page says: “They explain the systems thoroughly and are always on hand with any queries which are quickly resolved. Their products are excellent and user friendly. I would have no hesitation with recommending their services to others.”

It will guide you through a crisis

Sometimes, disaster strikes and the unexpected can present real problems for a business, but this is exactly where Croner Simplify stands out, and can assist. Crisis support runs alongside the software, meaning that the impact of a crisis is minimised, with guidance being given throughout the incident, which can be offered both via the telephone or on site where needed. As a way of reducing the risk of a serious incident, Simplify helps employers to grasp employment, health & safety, tax, VAT payroll and commercial legal queries. Rather than strictly instructing clients of the law associated with an issue, Simplify advisors will take a commercial view of the problem and assist with achieving the end goal, in a legally compliant way. As testament to the advice, one Simplify client said: “I recently made contact with Barbara McNaught regarding a difficult ongoing situation. Her advice was extremely clear and helped in persuading our Directors in the right course of action.”

You can delegate without losing control

With Croner Simplify, day to day management can be delegated to line managers, yet employers are able to retain control and, in turn, keep peace of mind. Similarly, employees can be given the responsibility to update their own details, book holiday, etc., ensuring that records are kept up to date and reducing admin time. The full suite of employment letters and forms also contribute to less admin time, and all employee records are stored centrally and securely, with different levels of access to ensure that data is protected in line with legal requirements. A satisfied Simplify client recently provided feedback on Feefo, saying: “We have worked with Croner for some years now and they have developed an in-depth understanding of our organisational issues. They ensure that our Branches/Departments are consistent in their application of our policies. Plus they bring an up to date knowledge of current Legislation, which enables us to comply fully with the requirement of the Equality Act 2010, the DDA and others. “They help to ensure that our managers do the right thing, for the right reasons.”

It will protect you against legal costs and awards

If a case does ultimately result in a tribunal claim, the Legal Expenses Insurance offered through Simplify will protect against the legal costs and awards of defending the case*. There are many common pitfalls for employers, especially surrounding disciplinary action and dismissals, however this can be avoided if expert help and guidance is sought at the beginning. In recent times, a manufacturing business and Simplify client used their Legal Expenses Insurance to settle a claim for a much lower sum than would have otherwise been awarded. Both the cost of the client’s representation, which included the case assessment and negotiation of the advantageous settlement, and the cost of the settlement itself were covered under the client’s Legal Expenses Insurance.

It won’t let you forget important events

When first setting Croner Simplify up, bespoke triggers and alerts can be established to ensure that important actions and deadlines aren’t missed, which are maintained and upheld by the system’s administrators for extra reassurance. In addition, a wide variety of reports on areas such as attendance, holidays and employee demographics can be easily pulled from the system, meaning that any trends can be spotted quickly and informed decisions can be made. Many clients take advantage of the reports to spot signs of concern early, one of which commenting: “The report function of Croner Simplify is the best feature, in my opinion. We can spot trends of absences with our employees, and then set triggers to take action after the third incident, as an example.” *Terms and conditions apply.

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