JB Wheaton and Sons

J.B. Wheaton Transportation has quite literally been operating for a lifetime, having been set up in 1932 by John Bowden Wheaton, with his sons joining during the 1950’s.


To this day, the business remains in family hands, now comprising four directors and almost 50 employees, all working to ensure that their clients’ haulage and supply chain needs are consistently met.

Although the company is located in Somerset, sitting on the borders of Dorset and Devon, they travel the length and breadth of the the UK, specialising in the provision of transportation and warehousing.

A lot can change in 85 years, as J.B. Wheaton and Sons have illustrated.

From one independent creator to a modest family business, the business has evolved in size, expertise and experience during this time.


Over 10 years ago, J.B. Wheaton and Sons first engaged Croner’s services purely to assist with writing official contracts and documentation, but over the years of partnership, the services have bred into other key areas of the business.

“I have always found representatives of Croner very easy to talk to, and most importantly, understand,” says Karen Scriven, Personnel Manager at J.B. Wheaton and Sons.

“They are very clear in their advice, making sure that I can deal with my situation confidently and manage all paperwork required.”


As well as advice and support for specific incidents, J.B. Wheaton and Sons also make use of Croner Simplify software. The main concept of Croner Simplify lies within its name: to simplify managing a workforce.

Karen testifies: “Having template letters on hand, whether it was the old way of loading them onto my pc via disc or the new way Simplify presents, is always reassuring.

“If I have had to send anything out I have always been able to send my drafts to Croner to be checked beforehand. These are always dealt with promptly, and without judgement.”

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