Commentary from Croner on allegations about the removal of unfair dismissal rights for non-performing workers


29 Aug 2012


  London, 26 October 2011 – "Leaked reports by venture capitalist Adrian Beecroft acting on behalf of the Coalition government, which look at the reform of employment law, has so far caused intense debate. However, what we would remind employers is that it is only a draft report and until anything is finalised, there are no indications that they should not be duly concerned with the proposals. "In our experience we would be very surprised if these proposals are implemented as they would not be beneficial to either employers or employees. "Recent announcements on proposed changes to legislation may make inroads into changing the ways that employees can be dismissed, including the extension of the unfair dismissal qualifying period which comes into effect in April 2012. "We should also not forget the bigger picture here, there are other costs associated with firing and hiring such as recruitment and training costs and therefore the suggestions contained within the leaked report may make little financial difference to the employer. "Employers with poor performing staff should look at their performance management policies and procedures. Often training and development can solve issues in a low cost and effective way, thereby forgoing the need to dismiss." By Amy Paxton, Senior Employment Consultant at Croner.

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