Croner Backs Health & Safety Executive’s 2018 Campaigns


08 Jan 2018


The Health & Safety Executive (HSE) has kicked off 2018 with two new campaigns. Both campaigns are focused on reducing health & Safety incidents in the workplace and we would like to urge employers to take action now, in order to ensure your health & safety practices and policies & procedures are fully compliant.

Vehicle Load Safety

The first campaign is aimed at reminding employers and workers that unsafe loads injure more than 1,200 people a year - highlighting the vital importance of securing loads safely on vehicles. The HSE warns that unsafe loads can result in:
  • People and loads falling
  • Loads shifting forward
  • Vehicles rolling
  • Damaged products
The HSE advises that in order to secure a load safely, it needs to be tied firmly down to the load bed and contained so that it can’t move around inside the vehicle. It is also important to follow advice from the Department for Transport on the subject of the safety of loads on vehicles. Other points to consider in order to keep safe while handling loads include:
  • Preventing falls from height
  • Preventing slips and trips
  • Segregation
  • Safe manual handling
  • Personal protective equipment.

Ill Health in Food Manufacturing

In the second campaign targeting ill health in food manufacturing, the HSE has told companies and people working in food manufacturing they must ‘pay closer attention to how they manage workplace health risks or face serious penalties’. To coincide with this guidance the watchdog has launched a new inspection campaign targeting the causes of workplace ill health in the sector. The HSE says its new programme of proactive inspections will review health and safety standards in food manufacturing businesses across the country as of 2 January 2018. The inspections will focus on two of the main causes of ill health in the sector. Currently, these are occupational asthma from exposure to flour dust in bakeries, cake and biscuit manufacturers and grain mills and musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) — predominantly lower back pain and upper limb disorders from manual handling activities and repetitive tasks across the sector. The inspection visits come after the release by the HSE of its manufacturing sector plan, which prioritises the reduction of cases of occupational lung disease and MSDs. The HSE says exposure to flour dust is the UK’s second most common cited cause of occupational asthma. Furthermore, MSDs are the most common type of work-related illness in food manufacturing, with handling injuries accounting for around 20% of reported employee injuries (RIDDOR). However, the HSE insists that such ill health can be prevented when organisations have proper risk control systems in place. The inspection campaign is aimed at ensuring measures are being taken by those responsible to protect workers against health risks and the HSE says it ‘will not hesitate to use enforcement to bring about improvements’.

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