What is a Health & Safety Policy

Carol Smith

Carol Smith


24 Jun 2019


No matter the industry, size, or nature of your organisation, health & safety plays a vital role.

That’s why it’s important to have a clear and comprehensive policy in place, for the protection of your employees—and your business.

In this article, we’ll break down what to include, and how you should include it.


What is a health & safety policy?

This document sets out your organisation’s approach to health & safety, detailing arrangements you’ve put in place to manage your employees.

It should outline your commitment to the right procedures, as well as saying who in your business does what, when and how.

Remember, your health and safety policy is for your employees, just as much as it’s for you and your business.

If your policies and procedures are ineffective you should immediately review and adjust them accordingly.


What’s the point of a health & safety policy?

Mainly, to ensure you comply with safety legislation set out by the HSE, with the intention of keeping you and your employees safe.

But, for those of you who’d like some specifics. Here are some of the main points of health and safety policies and procedures:

  • Highlighting the risks present in your workplace.
  • How you are managing hazard substances, equipment, or machinery?
  • The actions you are taking to minimise the highlighted risks.
  • Who’s responsible for ensuring you take appropriate action to manage risks.
  • Outlining reporting lines and management structure.
  • Who’s responsible for recording and monitoring incidents?
  • What are your monitoring systems?
  • What’s the procedure in the case of an emergency?

All health and safety policies and procedures will be slightly different depending on the industry you operate in and the risks your workers face.

However, your approach to health & safety should always be the same and should fall in line with the HSE guidelines.


Publish a health & safety policy statement

A statement is essentially an expression of your organisation’s commitment to managing health & safety effectively.

Ideally, it should state that the wellbeing of your employees is equally important as all the other commitments your company has made.

You can include this as part of your wider health & safety policy, or as a separate document entirely. Most organisations split their policy into three sections, the statement is the first of the three, responsibilities second, and arrangements third.


Health & safety policy template

Croner can help you draft a policy unique to your business, alongside a complete inspection of your workplace, to ensure we cover everything that needs covering in your documentation.

We also have a health and safety policy statement example to download for free, right here.

If you’re shopping around for a full sample template, you can get an HSE sample health and safety policy. And, while Acas’ health and safety policy templates aren’t available, they do have guidance on how to prepare one.


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