Health & Safety Post-Brexit

blog-publish-date 08 August 2018

Brexit is without doubt the most significant event to take place over the last few decades. As the initial panic and wild guesses begin to subside, serious conversations and plans are beginning to immerge to determine the future of the UK outside of the EU.

Stephen Thomas, Health and Safety Expert at Croner, says that many of the questions which surround Brexit will only begin to be answered once Article 50 has been invoked.

What will change?

One important question Stephen says he regularly hears is: “What will happen to the UK’s Health and Safety laws?” In this expert view, Stephen examines key considerations for Health and Safety during and post-Brexit and the implications of a ‘Hard’ Brexit as indicated by Theresa May in her speech on January 17. Changes which may occur are also observed in our guide, taking into account existing legislation and the possible areas of focus such as The Working Time Regulations and The Agency Workers Regulations.

Independent impact

If Nicola Sturgeon’s demand for a second Scottish independence referendum is met, what implications, if any, will this have? Stephen Thomas considers what changes could be possible should this be the case. Organisations struggling with Health and Safety are advised to get organised now, given the disruption to the economy that will come once Article 50 is triggered, and the subsequent divorce from the EU. Even for companies confident with their Health and Safety measures, sensible and proportionate risk management is proven to help businesses save money and prevent extreme loss when accidents and ill health occur.