[Checklist] 7 Steps to Becoming COVID-19 Secure

blog-publish-date 18 June 2020

These are a number of issues you’ll need to assess before your staff return to work after lockdown.

For example:

  • Social distancing
  • Workplace hygiene
  • Contact with clients/customers

But where do you start? Croner have developed a coronavirus risk assessment checklist for you to use.

But before you download yours, read the below to ensure you know what needs to be done.

What’s the purpose of a general risk assessment for COVID-19?

The purpose of a risk assessment is to ensure all potential risks facing your workforce are addressed.

Every workplace is different, which means what might work for your neighbour, won’t work for you.

These types of assessment are particularly crucial if your workers come into contact with the general public or vulnerable individuals.

Do I need a risk assessment?

It’s not just common sense to conduct this type of assessment, it’s also the law. All businesses MUST produce a risk assessment and businesses with over 50 employees should publish the results on their website.

The UK government has provided the HSE with extra funding to ensure employers are following their guidance. So don’t assume you can manage without one!

Our risk assessment template overview

If you manage a business you’ve undoubtedly carried out a risk assessment before. So what is different about this one?

A basic risk assessment will cover some of the areas you need to consider, but not all. For example, you will need to assess how you’re going to implement social distancing on your premises.

Our checklist is broken down into seven steps, including: 

  • Have we carried out a risk assessment?
  • Have we shared it?
  • Have we updated our policies?
  • Are our procedures in line with government guidance?
  • Is the 2m distance rule being maintained?

And more. To find out the full list of things you need to consider, download our free template, or read our blog on conducting a coronavirus risk assessment.

What is covered in this template?

All of the areas mentioned in the above section are covered. 

However, this template is just a basic model for you to use a starting point. It won’t cover all your bases, and it will need you to put the work in to ensure your site is safe.

Remember, every workplace is different, so you’ll need to adapt the template to fit your organisation’s needs.

Who can use this template?

Any employer can use this checklist for COVID-19 at work. So long as you don’t copy it word for word and expect to be compliant.

Download your free coronavirus return to work risk assessment template

If you need a blank and basic template, you can download that here. For the COVID-19 checklist, click the button below.