TUPE Measures Letter

blog-publish-date 04 May 2021

TUPE regulations don’t directly define the term “measures.” However, they’re broadly understood to mean the changes to existing work practices. This includes areas such as:

  • Terms of employment.
  • Policies and procedures.
  • Pay rates.
  • Job descriptions.
  • Hours of work.
  • Collective bargaining.

Why does this matter? Well, typically a transferee will send a TUPE measures letter to the transferor. This will inform them of any measures you intend to take following the transfer.

These measures should not be changed if there isn’t an ECO reason for doing so.

Company transfer letter

So, you’ve settled on the measures you want changing, and now you’ve sat down to write your TUPE letter. Now what?

The main thing is to establish time frames and confirm them. Also important when writing a contract transfer letter is to outline proposals made by the transferee.

If consultations are ongoing, state they’re under consideration. If consultations have ended and a decision made, outline what this decision is and how (and when) it will apply.

Due to the nature of a TUPE transfer, you’re unlikely to just send one letter. There tends to be plenty of communication between the transferor and the transferee.

But, one of the most important ones to get right is the employee transfer letter from one company to another company. You can include this in your TUPE measures letter, or as its own document. We’ve included a clause stating this in our downloadable TUPE letter template below.

If you need support drafting or reviewing your document, managing a transfer, or you just need HR advice, speak to a Croner expert today on 01455 858 132.

TUPE measures letter template

Download your sample TUPE measures letter by clicking the button below.