What Benefits Do Your Staff Really Want?

By Amanda Beattie
18 May 2011

New research by Croner reveals a discord between what benefits job seekers want and what employers offer. London, 12 May 2011 – New research for Croner carried out by YouGov reveals that when asked to pick their top 3 things that make/would make a job more attractive to them offering flexible working is now top of the benefits table for Brits (48%).

This may come as a surprise to employers as new research by Croner* think that company reputation is the key to attracting new recruits. A YouGov survey for Croner reveals that in addition to flexible working, workplace culture (42%) and good location (34%) are also in the top three benefits that would make a job more attractive to job seekers. When a similar study was carried out for Croner by YouGov in 2007 employees where asked to pick the top 3 things that make a job more attractive to them, 47% said location, 43% holiday entitlement and 39% extra bonuses/flexible working were the most important things to them. Separate research by Croner Reward in 2007 and 2011 shows that employers still hold their belief that company reputation, workplace culture and staff development are the most important benefits to attract key staff.

Viv Copeland, Head of Reward at Croner says: "The results of these surveys are very revealing about what attracts a person to a job and the discord between the views of employers and job seekers. "If we look at job seekers, their needs have changed quite significantly over the last four years. There are a number of contributing factors to this not least the changing economic environment. In 2007 when the job market was still buoyant and the recession a cloud in the distance, people wanted a job close to home, more holidays and extra money." Holidays are no longer seen as a must-have perk since the government increased the statutory minimum holiday entitlement to 28 days which can include bank and public holidays.

In addition people understand that there is no extra money for pay increases let alone bonuses so this has also slipped down the list. And with jobs few and far between people are having to look further afield, consequently location is less important. Culture is the only constant and employees and bosses alike are aware of the advantages that come with having a good culture within the workplace. Viv Copeland adds: "It is clear that the key benefits issue for employers remain the same – understanding employee needs. So if an employer takes the time to find out which benefits employees' value, it is much easier to get that match right." Croner offers expert pay and benefit advice, as well as consultancy services, to help businesses understand what their employees want from a remuneration package. Contact us today for more information.

Notes to editors Note on the research Figures from YouGov plc: Total sample size 2009 adults. Fieldwork was undertaken between 4th-7th February 2011. The survey was carried out online. The figures have been weighted and are representative of all GB adults (aged 18+). Total sample size for 2007 was a representative sample of 2,560 adults. Fieldwork was undertaken between 15th - 19th February 2007. The survey was carried out online.

*Figures from Croner Reward: Total sample size 206 HR professionals. Fieldwork was undertaken between 1st-8th March 2011. The survey was carried out online.  

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