Gender Pay Gap Infographic


09 Feb 2018


Businesses with 250 employees or more are legally required to report their gender pay gap by 4 April – check out our infographic which crunches the numbers.

Recent research by Croner Reward has found that the gap for businesses ranges from as low as -25% to as high as 62%, when looking at differences in median hourly pay. Please click on the image below to download our infographic, which brings together a wealth of regional and national statistics to help illustrate how the pay gap effects different parts of the UK and demographics.


Gender Pay - The Stats

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Expert Support with Gender Pay

If you require expert support please contact Croner Reward. After you send us your pay data, we will analyse and provide a statistical outcome - determining if you have a gender pay gap or not. We can then advise on how to close the gap, or advise on ways to keep it closed if there isn’t one.

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