Gender Pay: The Facts

blog-publish-date 08 August 2018

In February 2016 the Government held a consultation on closing the gender pay gap, almost eight months later, the Government finally published the Gender Pay Reporting Regulations. These regulations were moved through the parliamentary process and approved in 2017.

Croner has put together an Expert View factsheet explaining all of the essential information employers need to handle the requirements of these regulations. We explain the background of gender pay and why the reporting requirements were announced in the first place, along with current facts surrounding the pay gap, emphasising the difference males currently earn in comparison to their female co-workers.

We also reveal many billions of pounds could be created for the economy, should the gap be bridged. Our Expert View provides clear guidance and a breakdown for what should be included, what not to include, timescales, and definitions. With over 40 years’ experience, the pay experts at Croner can help employers to calculate the gender pay gap in preparation for April. We have put together a one-stop solution to make the gender pay reporting process as easy as possible, from initial preparation to analysis, conclusions and recommendations. We will independently analyse your pay data to generate statistical calculations, as required by the regulations, which highlight where any gaps exist.

In addition our service comes with the added benefit of a comprehensive report of key findings, conclusions and actions, produced by one of our legal experts. Plus you will have access to our team of HR and employment law experts, via Croner’s Employment Advisory Service, to help you solve any problems that may arise through the analysis of your pay data. This invaluable service is available 24/7, 365 days a year.

Download your gender pay booklet by clicking the button below: