Woman Wins £75,000 in Equal Pay Case


19 Dec 2016


On Monday 12 December, a court ruled that Ms Tracey Myers, who worked as a training assurance specialist at Network Rail, should be awarded £75,000 as her salary was lower than her male colleagues.

Ms Myers was awarded the amount after successfully representing herself at an Employment Tribunal in an equal pay dispute against Network Rail. She took the company to tribunal on grounds of unfair dismissal, harassment, and equal pay.

Ms Myers said that she had been “aware” that there was a difference in pay, but was unaware of the extent until it was defined in evidence during a hearing in May earlier this year. Reportedly, she said that from the end of 2007, the gap between her and a male colleague was 37%.

Ongoing Gender Pay Gap

Figures from the Office for National Statistics (ONS) have revealed that on entry into the workforce, females earn 9.1% less than male colleagues. This percentage is then found to rise to 25.9% for women in their 50’s.


As of April 2017, all organisations with 250+ employees will need to report the overall gender pay gap between all men and women. This not only needs to be published annually on the organisations’ website, but also a dedicated Government website, so the figures are publicly accessible.

Clare Parkinson, Pay Expert at Croner, warns: “If companies are not prepared before April 2017 and find unexplainable pay gaps, or if they fail to report on Gender Pay entirely, the company may be vulnerable to negative publicity and even potential Tribunal claims. “Bearing in mind that Equal Pay claims can last years, we advise all companies to take action and prepare now.”

Gender Pay Reporting

With over 40 years in the pay and reward arena, Croner are ideally placed to assist with this vital legislation. We have put together a one-stop solution to make the process as easy as possible, from initial preparation to analysis, conclusions and recommendations.

Croner Reward has put together a one-stop solution to make gender pay reporting process as easy as possible, from initial preparation to analysis, conclusions and recommendations. We will independently analyse your pay data to generate statistical calculations, as required by the regulations, which highlight where any gaps exist. In addition to analysis, our service comes with the added benefit of a comprehensive report of key findings, conclusions and actions, produced by one of our legal experts.

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