Pay Awards & Forecasts (January 2017)

blog-publish-date 08 August 2018

Croner Reward has been advising businesses on reward and benefits for over 40 years; providing research, information and bespoke advice for more than a generation of HR and Payroll professionals.

Every month, we provide the latest findings for pay trends, forecasts, settlements, and more. Figures collected by Croner Reward reveal an extremely positive start to 2017.

  • The number of participating companies reporting a pay freeze significantly beats December’s record by a staggering 4.3%.
  • This is the third consecutive month where the percentage of companies Croner pay experts have surveyed has beaten the previous month’s record.
  • 2016’s average pay freeze percentage was recorded at 15.1%, meaning that the first figure to be reported in 2017 has already beaten last year’s average by over 10%.