Have salaries stopped being ‘taboo’?


21 Jul 2016


Just three years ago, research revealed that 50% of UK employers did not advertise salaries in their job vacancies but rather asked candidates to provide information on what they are currently being paid, from which to base the new salary decision.

However, employers and employees that are appearing on television shows are now starting to shout about salaries. So, will there become an expectation that other organisations will follow suit?

BBC2 Special Debate

The Daily Mail on Saturday mentioned an upcoming BBC2 special debate that will see members of the public openly discuss their salaries.

Although it is not currently possible to know exactly what will be discussed, the debate could raise eyebrows over retention concerns for organisations who are paying less than the rates discussed. It could also highlight the gap between director and clerical/operative pay.

Benchmarking salaries is a beneficial way to ensure that competitive rates are being paid to improve staff loyalty and motivation. Reviewing directors’ remuneration can ensure that pay is justifiable and in-line with best practise for both existing and newly appointed board members.

The Job Interview

Another programme to discuss salaries recently is the current Channel 4 series The Job Interview where employers state how much they are going to pay the individual who fills the job vacancy being recruited for using the programme.

That shows just how important a factor pay is during the recruitment process. Evaluating the job can assist here, as it will allow you to make the pay decision based upon the level of the job – determined from an assessment of factors such as the required qualifications to the key accountabilities, complexities and responsibilities of the role. Added to this, by obtaining robust, credible salary information you are in a stronger position to make a well-informed job offer.

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