Apprenticeship Week Launches While Signups Fall


07 Mar 2018


As the country celebrates the 11th annual National Apprenticeship Week, almost half of company managers fear the Government will miss its target to create 3 million apprentices.

National Apprenticeship Week celebrates the very best of what earning and learning means, with this year’s theme being: ‘Apprenticeships work’. The week showcases the ways apprenticeships produce huge benefits for individuals, businesses, communities and the wider economy. However, a recent survey by the Chartered Management Institute has found that out of 1,640 managers polled, 51% expressed concern that the country will need greater investment in skills after Brexit. The same survey concluded that this group think the Government is likely to miss its target of creating 3 million apprenticeships by 2020, which has been further confirmed after recent figures show a slump in new sign ups. This slow-down may largely be due to perceived delays in standards for apprenticeship schemes, with the CMI claiming 900 new apprentices have been waiting to start an apprenticeship in management since being approved last August. Businesses have also called on the Government to give them the freedom to spend the levy on small businesses in their supply chain.

What is National Apprenticeship Week About?

Sue Husband, director of the National Apprenticeships Service, has asked apprentices and employers to join together and “help celebrate the brilliance of apprenticeships”. Apprenticeships offer real career opportunities and National Apprenticeship Week 2018 will showcase how apprenticeships work across all industries, sectors and job roles, from school leaving age to older apprentices. There’s no better way to mark apprenticeship achievement than by the apprenticeship community coming together and shouting loudly about the difference apprenticeships are making. National Apprenticeship Week will be marked by events around the country, such as Graduation ceremonies, which will be held throughout the week to praise apprentices who have completed their training in the past 12 months. The first National Apprenticeship Week was held in 2007 in an effort to draw more attention to the benefits of apprenticeship training around the country. For advice and support on the apprenticeship levy contact Croner’s experts on 0808 145 3377

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