Mediation Services

What is workplace mediation?

Workplace Mediation is a form of dispute resolution involving an independent impartial mediator and those individuals or groups who are in conflict. The role of the mediator is to help uncover underlying issues, through questioning, and to help to clarify options for resolving those issues, with the aim of repairing and restoring people’s working relationships.

Workplace mediation can help with:

  • Personality clashes
  • Communication problems
  • Issues over management style
  • Difficulties arising from re-organisation or re-deployment
  • Perceptions of unfair treatment
  • Pre, or post-formal stages of the grievance process

What happens in mediation?

Mediation involves a structured step-by-step process. The first stage sees the parties dealt with separately, while the remaining stages are generally dealt with jointly. On occasions the mediator will need to move between the parties relaying the views of each, as they will not sit in the same room, however the aim is to bring them together eventually.

Why is mediation important?

Mediation can help reduce, or eliminate, the stress involved in more formal processes and to avoid the costs involved in defending employment tribunal claims. For the employee it helps to clarify misunderstandings and reduces stress and gives them more confidence and the skills to communicate better in the future.

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