When you contact our Advisory or Litigation departments you will be assisted by our dedicated team of employment law specialists. Some members of our team are employed solicitors and they are individually regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority (“SRA”).

You will receive the same high quality, professional service from all our employees and if you feel that you have not received that then we want to know and would ask you to raise that with us.

If you feel that the service you have received from one of our solicitors falls below the professional standards expected then you are also able to contact the SRA to raise any concerns that you have with them and they will investigate.

Details of how to raise any issue or complaint with the SRA are available on their website www.sra.org.uk. Alternatively, you can contact the Legal Services Ombudsman.

Although Croner Group Ltd as a whole is not a regulated business, the work of our individual solicitors is regulated by the SRA. This means that where you take legal advice on a matter directly from one of our solicitors this will attract legal advice privilege.

The Solicitors Compensation Scheme is not available in relation to claims against our solicitors but their work is covered as part of our professional indemnity insurance.