We know that HMRC investigations can be disruptive and costly putting a real strain on the relationship you have with your client. With the increasingly complex changing tax environment and HMRC’s targeted approach it’s more important than ever that you and your clients are protected.

Our fee protection products can offer your clients peace of mind knowing that should they be investigated your practice can dedicate the right level of representation without worrying about spiralling expenses. Plus as your costs are paid for as part of the policy*, fee protection helps you get remunerated for the work you do for your client without the need for awkward conversations about costs.

*Up to your claims limit.

Croner Taxwise is the exclusive member rewards partner of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales (ICAEW). As part of your fee protection service we offer professional advice and practical support to help you market your scheme effectively. Find out more.

How we support you and your clients

We have a range of in house experts offering professional advice to your practice and clients.

About Us

Tax & VAT Consultancy consists of 25 highly skilled Consultants experienced in dealing with a wide variety of Tax and VAT matters. We understand how you feel about your clients and, whilst clients often appreciate having a specialist dedicated to their case, we make sure you have complete control over the role you want us to play, whether it is confronting HMRC face to face or offering technical advice before your client has even submitted their tax return.

Recent developments in the way HMRC operate have prompted the Consultancy Team to start offering alternative services with the aim of assisting Accountants and their clients from getting into difficulty with HMRC. Our Consultants are available to talk through issues, help with planning a course of action or negotiate with HMRC making best use of your client’s right to a statutory review or even represent your client in tribunals and instruct barristers when appropriate.

Our Tax and VAT Consultants can provide technical support during an HMRC intervention, at whatever level you feel is necessary, an invaluable resource which is usually covered by your CCH Fee Protection policy. If you are not a fee protection client we can still work with you, charging a preferential hourly rate.