TaxSafe® insures your practice; so whether you’re regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) hold a Designated Professional Body (DPB) licence, or neither, you can offer a TaxSafe scheme.

TaxSafe® is available either as a Comprehensive (all clients covered) or a Voluntary (clients opt in) Fee Protection scheme.

Included in TaxSafe for Accountants as standard is cover of up to £75,000 per claim for:

  • Full enquiries by HM Revenue and Customs
  • VAT disputes
  • Employer Compliance disputes
  • Directors and Partners cover is included for all business clients*

In addition

  • Cover up to a limit of £1000 for reasonable and necessary costs incurred prior to Employer Compliance and VAT disputes
  • Each case allows two members of staff to attend meetings with HMRC
  • Travel time will be allowed at a maximum of £80 per hour or the travellers charge out rate if lower. Where there are two travellers attending an HMRC meeting we will pay travel time for both of them.

Certain exclusions do apply, for full terms and conditions please contact us on
0800 542 6648.

Cover is also available as an optional extra for:

  • Aspect Enquiries

Also included in the standard TaxSafe for Accountants scheme

  • Access to the Tax and VAT helplines for you and your practice
  • Access to the Business Support Helpline for you, your practice and also your insured business clients
  • A personal relationship manager to administer the marketing of your scheme

* subject to there being no requirement to complete any Self Employment pages, and/or, there being no more than £50,000 gross income per annum from Land and Property

For more information please get in touch using the contact form below or email Or, see here for further fee protection scheme information.