Rising instances of short term absence from work, through sick leave or just that ‘Friday feeling’, is an increasing and costly problem facing many businesses, often resulting in:

  • Missed shipments
  • Missed deadlines
  • Decreased productivity
  • Reduced output
  • Lower morale and greater stress
  • More burden on other employees
  • Spiralling overtime costs

Employers often find dealing with short-term absence the most difficult. But with two-thirds of working time lost to absence accounted for by short-term absences, it’s an issue that should not be ignored.

Managing absence with Croner

Staff absence hits productivity and has a clear cost to the business, managing and reducing absence is a core KPI for most HR teams. Croner can take you through step by step, to build a structured, proactive approach to reduce and manage absence in your organisation and put you back on target to meet your KPIs. Croner can provide sickness absence support in a number of ways, including:

  1. Reduce absences

    We can help by providing support, advice and counselling to staff as a standard benefit of their employment so they can take positive steps to manage problems in any part of their life before it affects their attendance at work. Croner’s Employee Assistance Programme (EAP) delivers everything from counselling services to expert legal guidance and debt advice.

  2. Provide structured management

    Bring your policies, documents and processes up to date so that everyone understands right from the start of their employment what’s expected of them and what happens if they fall short. Rely on experts like Croner’s consultancy team to be sure your documents are compliant and effective.

  3. Record everything

    Use a centralised HR management system to record employee absences accurately and consistently including the reason for the employee’s absence. Analyse the data to measure progress against KPIs and to discover any patterns in absence that need further action to be taken. Use a system like Croner Professional or Simplify that proactively triggers actions determined by your sickness policy for HR and managers, when an absence threshold is reached.