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Croner’s risk assessment experts help you cut the hazards from your workplace and stay on the right side of the law


Risk assessments are the law. You have to do one…

But a bad workplace risk assessment is a waste of time. And a really bad risk assessment puts you at risk of prosecution.

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Our experts come to your site and help identify all of the hazards and risks to your employees and your business.

You get practical advice on how to cut out risks to safety, plus a full written report to show that you meet the letter of the law. 

And compared to pouring over the legislation yourself or hiring a local advisor who gives you impractical advice, we bring big savings to your business.

With Croner, you get...

  • Risk assessments relevant to the law. We spot the health & safety hazards that put you on the wrong side of the law. Then we help you cut them out.
  • Practical fixes. We give practical advice on how to remove risk and deliver duty-of-care. So you can be sure you’re not breaking the law, without breaking the bank.
  • A watertight written report. You get a written risk assessment from a health & safety expert that stands up to scrutiny if you ever face a claim in court. 
  • Improved employee wellbeing. Safe workers make better workers. Your risk assessment reduces the chance of work-related sickness and increases productivity.
  • A plan for growth. We give you an action plan to improve your health & safety and get the best for your business as it grows.

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Because hazards don’t disappear after the annual risk assessment.

Learn the tricks of the trade and make it quicker to control risk in the workplace all year round with risk assessment training from Croner.

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