Health & Safety Insurance

Some accidents are unavoidable—legal fees aren’t. Protect your business from health & safety legal fees with our optional legal expenses insurance.

Complete peace of mind

If you sign up for health & safety support through Croner, you can add legal expenses insurance for that extra bit of protection.

Then, if enforcement action is taken against you, your policy will cover the cost of any legal fees you incur.

Our industry experts work around the clock to ensure your business is provided with the highest protection possible. And like all insurance policies, T&Cs apply.

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Helping you avoid penalties

Croner’s aim is to help you manage your health & safety, protect staff, and stay legally compliant.

We assist with risk assessments, on-site audits, training, and 24/7 advice to assist you with any health & safety challenges. However, even if you do everything right, sometimes you’ll need that extra line of defence.

That’s where our optional health & safety insurance comes in—you won’t notice it until you need it, and then you’ll be glad it’s there.

Where your policy protects you

If the enforcing authorities are considering a prosecution for breach of health & safety legislation, your policy will cover solicitors’ fees to represent you at interviews under caution as well as throughout the court process.

  • Insurance covering your legal fees
  • Covers legal representation
  • Crisis management

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