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Streamline your health & safety processes with Croner BrightSafe. Manage your procedures and risk assessments, create policies and access online training courses. Your online health & safety software will keep everything on track for you at the click of a button.

Online health & safety management software

Businesses like yours need to observe all aspects of health & safety in the workplace. Keeping the work environment safe for everybody will contribute towards productivity and the health of your employees.

Our Croner BrightSafe workplace health & safety software gives you access to all the relevant templates and documents you need. Not only this, but you can easily set up tasks to delegate responsibilities to your employees.

What better way to ensure safety in the workplace than by engaging the very people whose health you are looking to protect?

Don’t wait until you have a crisis on your hands. With our health & safety incident management software, you will efficiently assess risks and hazards. This will enable you to put systems and health and safety policies in place to prevent accidents and major safety crises.

Croner BrightSafe will help look after your business and ensure the safety of your staff whilst on the go, hassle-free, with peace of mind from competent support.

With our health & safety management software, you can also access 24/7 advice from Croner’s UK-based team of experts. Should you face difficulties or just need a second opinion, our specialists will always be there for you in your hour of need.

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How BrightSafe enables your business

Our health & safety management software for UK businesses makes your everyday tasks easy. It helps your business every step of the way, from ensuring your policies are up to date to supporting you with crisis management.

Our health & safety online software will enable you and your workforce to:

  • Create and manage robust, suitable and sufficient workplace risk assessments.
  • Access our online library of templates relevant to various industries.
  • Monitor and further improve your existing control measures.
  • Record accidents & conduct investigations to identify causes and control hazards.
  • Meet specific industry standards.
  • Access all the documents you need in one place, through our cloud-based health & safety software.
  • Keep all your relevant documents stored in one place, both secure and easy to access.
  • Give your team access to our health & safety training courses, some of which are CPD-accredited.

Use Croner BrightSafe to protect your business from avoidable incidents and keep your employees safe.

Stay compliant with Croner’s health & safety online software

Non-compliance with regulations will expose your business to unnecessary risks, such as:

  • Breaking common law and duty of care or even committing a criminal offence
  • Hefty unlimited fines for safety breaches and HSE Fees for Intervention (FFI) currently charged at £160 per hour
  • Loss of reputation
  • Putting the lives and well-being of your staff at risk
  • Civil tribunal claims for work-related injuries and illnesses

At the end of the day, it isn’t only about laws and regulations. Healthy workers will better contribute to your day-to-day business operations. When they feel safe and enabled, employees are also less exposed to work-related stress. You will retain your staff and improve productivity by ensuring high safety standards in the workplace.   

Remember to delegate responsibilities so that your staff take an active part in keeping their work environment safe. Give them access to our health & safety training online courses to complete at a time to suit them.

Our Croner BrightSafe health & safety database software will give you everything your business needs to stay compliant. If ever in doubt, access our 24/7 advice line for immediate assistance with any situation you might be facing.  

BrightSafe On The Go

What makes Croner BrightSafe your best health & safety software for large and small UK businesses?

It’s all about accessibility, mobility and flexibility. With our health & safety cloud software, you can:

  • Download ready-to-use documents and risk assessments wherever you are, UK or worldwide.
  • Check and modify all your outstanding tasks as you go.
  • Instantly upload images when identifying workplace hazards.
  • Review and implement changes when needed.
  • Get 24/7 advice from our expert health & safety team on the go.

Already a BrightSafe customer? Download Croner BrightSafe On The Go via the app store today to improve your systems and documentation with just a few clicks.

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