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Facing a damaging employee dispute? Get FREE employment tribunal advice from a Croner legal expert and boost your chance of success.

Free employment tribunal advice for employers

No business wants a claim of unfair dismissal from an employee. But with the number of employment tribunals rising in the UK, the nightmare of a looming court case has never been more real.

Whether you’re facing a long and difficult employee dispute, or want to do whatever you can to avoid one, let us take away the risk.

We handle an average of 1,025 claims each year, and we achieve a successful resolution in 80% of cases. And for the 20% we don’t win, if you followed our advice and T&Cs, then our legal expenses insurance could even cover your costs.

Get FREE employment tribunal advice for employers from a Croner legal expert. Please call 01455 858 132.

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How much could a tribunal cost my business?

The most that can be awarded at a tribunal for unfair dismissal is £83,682. But the total cost to your business is much greater. It includes loss of productivity from handling the dispute and the price of a local solicitor’s inflated hourly rates. 

Instead, our employment tribunal service saves you time and money at every stage of your dispute. And even if you lose your tribunal, if you’ve followed our advice then our legal expenses insurance may even cover your costs.

Request a call back from a Croner expert today and get advice on the best way to handle your employment tribunal. 

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After you’ve taken your FREE, no obligations tribunal advice, choose Croner’s UK-based experts to represent you at each step of your staff dispute. From the boardroom to the courtroom. Day or night. 365 days a year. 

Your complete employment tribunal representation service includes:

  • 24-hour advice. Round-the-clock legal advice so you know you’ve followed disciplinary processes to the letter of the law.
  • Defence development. Expert research and preparation to give your case the best chance of success.
  • Settlement agreements. If you choose to settle, we end your dispute and prevent further claims with a legally-binding settlement.
  • Standing up for your business. In-person at your side to give you peace of mind on your day in court.

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