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The modern workforce throws up big HR challenges. With Croner 24/7 HR support, you don’t need to worry about being an expert in all of them.

Call our UK-based team of professionals day or night to get HR advice on how to overcome any workforce issue, without falling foul of employment law.

We give you the confidence to make the best choices for your business, so you can get back to getting the best from your staff.  

Get HR and employment law advice from a Croner expert today and find out the answers to whatever challenge you face.

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Take a breath. Count to 10. Call Croner. We’ll help handle it for you. 

From sick pay to holiday pay to bonus pay. Maternity leave to paternity leave. Supplier disputes to parking disputes. From occupational health to mental health, and from your first day to your retirement party…

Rely on us to protect you and your business—whatever your working life throws at you. Call one of our friendly HR and employment law experts any time for advice on:

  • Dismissals
  • Sick leave
  • Holiday pay
  • Grievances
  • Disputes 
  • Disciplinaries
  • Contracts
  • Redundancy
  • Maternity leave
  • And much more...

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