Health & Safety Consultancy

Our experienced consultants will translate the 20,039 words HSE guide on managing health & safety into plain English for you. They will help you apply it, hassle free, while staying compliant with the law.

Health & safety consultancy services

Staying compliant and keeping your workforce safe and well can feel like a never-ending process. We can take the stress and the uncertainty away, as industries and requirements change. Our health & safety consultancy services will provide you with up-to-date, relevant, hands-on, easy to apply advice.

They will guide you every step of the way on how to manage general or specific aspects, such as:

  • Health & safety system design
  • Health & safety management systems
  • ISO 45001 preparation
  • ISO 14001 preparation

Did you know that the law requires you appoint at least one Competent Health and Safety Person in the workplace? Using external health & safety consultants costs companies less than getting fined for breaching their legal statutory duty.

Get a FREE call today with a friendly health & safety Croner consultant for businesses in the UK. With us, you will not drown in waves of complicated legal language or impractical advice.

Find out below how our health & safety consultancy services will help you increase and maintain high standards in the workplace.

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Health And Safety Consultancy

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Health & safety compliance at your fingertips

How do you follow all the latest updates and turn them into relevant workplace policies and procedures?

Our dedicated team of health & safety consultants for UK businesses includes members of IOSH and Chartered Institute of Environmental Health.

We will be here for you 24/7.

Ask us about new regulations and we will tell you how they impact you and your workplace. You can count on us to enable you to deliver your duty-of-care according to the most up-to-date legal requirements.

Book a FREE health & safety consultation from an experienced Croner advisor today. We won’t bore you with heavy industry language. Instead, we’ll help you efficiently deal with systems and procedures while staying on the right side of the HSE

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How will our health & safety consultancy work for you?

We can instantly identify several safety aspects that affect any workplace, in any industry. Having supported business in various industries, our consultants have extensive sector specific experience behind them.

We will provide you with tailored services that help you: 

  • Assess risks to your employees in the workplace. 
    We visit your business premises in person and carry out health and safety risk assessments to identify relevant risks to your staff and visitors.
  • Minimise risks and prevent harm. 
    Our consultants advise you on practical actions to protect your employees and prove compliance.
  • Write your health & safety policy. 
    We focus on practicality and implementation when creating your policies, as well as keeping your business in line with the law.
  • Access competent health & safety advice. 
    You will find Croner listed on the HSE Occupational Safety and Health Consultants Register. Unlike other providers, we guarantee clear, concise, 24/7 available advice.
  • Monitor and review your policies. 
    We make it easy to constantly update and streamline your health & safety systems while staying in line with the law.

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