HS Manager Software

Log all workplace accidents and meet HSE laws with HS Manager’s easy-to-use online health & safety management software for UK businesses.

Health & safety management made easy

HS Manager is a secure online tool that cuts the time you spend on health & safety management and accident reporting.

It lets you log all slips, trips, spills, injuries, and illnesses that happen at work. Anywhere, anytime, across multiple sites. And it doesn’t just make accident recording easier…

With HS Manager, you get professional reporting tools to meet ISO and industry requirements. You get auto-alerts when it’s time to update health & safety certificates. And you get software that lets you quickly and accurately notify accidents that happen at work to the HSE.

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Putting you in control of your workplace

HS Manager is a health & safety software that puts you in control of your business—whether you have one office or one hundred sites. With HS Manager you can:

  • Collect accident data from every site.
  • Quickly identify which accidents to report to the HSE via RIDDOR.
  • Meet UK laws and international standards, including HSG65, BS OHSAS 18001 and ISO 14001.
  • Keep track of your first aid certificates and other health & safety documents.
  • Investigate long-term staff absence.
  • Spot accident trends and remove hazards.
  • Get 24/7 health & safety advice from leading UK experts

HS Manager’s health & safety software frees you from the time, stress and worry of accident reporting. That’s why thousands of UK businesses use it every day to take the hassle out of health & safety management.

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