HR Services

As one of the most experienced HR specialists in the business, you can rely on us to help you manage your people and responsibilities more efficiently & effectively.

One-stop shop for expert HR advice

We are a one-stop shop for expert HR advice, consultancy, software, EAPs and information tailored to your organisation, your budget and your challenges.

Our professionally qualified HR consultants are more than just a mine of legal knowledge; their understanding of your business ensures they are always practical and commercially focused.

  • We work with smaller businesses without HR expertise, guiding them every step of the way in complying with the law
  • As companies grow, we help them to replace ad hoc processes with robust systems
  • Large firms; HR teams turn to us for a second opinion and line managers for day-to-day support

What we do

Whether you have an in-house HR team or dedicated manager, or if HR is just one of your many responsibilities, Croner has a range of services to help you fulfill your HR obligations, including:

  • 24/7 HR advice
  • On-site HR support
  • Employment management system
  • Case management
  • Document templates
  • Tribunal representation

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