Who is it for?

These webinars are specifically designed for HR professionals and business owners who deal with HR matters on a daily basis.

What will I learn?

You’ll get the latest updates on COVID-19 government guidance, and learn how to protect your business during this challenging time.

Join our employment law expert to find out:

  • The answers to FAQs on COVID-19 and what to do now to protect your business
  • How to meet new employment laws and manage your workplace in a rapidly changing legal landscape
  • How to update your workplace policies to cover changes to sick pay and home working rules
  • And how to support your employees during this challenging time

Coronavirus Update

The recent outbreak has caused new challenges for employers. Sickness absence is a problem every employer has to face, but now it’s more serious than ever. Our expert speaker will talk you through the latest government guidance, changes to SSP, and how to set up remote working in your company.