Build your green credentials and comply with increasing environmental legislation with expert information and advice from Croner.

Our products help with the implementation and ongoing maintenance of your environmental management system. They provide advice on managing your buildings, facilities and business processes so that they are compliant with legislation, money and energy efficient, and reduce your organisation’s impact on the environment.

Environmental Management

Provides an overview of the UK and EU systems of environmental law and enforcement.

Croner’s Environmental Management allows you to keep up to date with all legislative changes so you can increase your company’s efficiency and reduce costs.

It also explores environmental performance of companies with a focus on polices, auditing and environmental management systems. Key areas examined include pollution, waste and the built environment, with an emphasis on the legislations and regulations that apply to those areas.

Updated four times per year, this loose-leaf manual:

  • Signposts all the relevant legislation concerned with environmental management
  • Covers environmental management in key areas (Waste, Pollution Control, The Built Environment)

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